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  • Pawn Power Glossary

  • Review of “I Play Against Pieces” (Svetozar Gligoric, 2002)

  • Mikhail Botvinnik; The Patriarch who spent an impressive 15 years at the top!

  • Tigran Petrosian; The World Champion with an impenetrable defence

  • Judit Polgár; The greatest female player of all time!

  • Wilhelm Steinitz; The 1st Ever World Champion

  • playing patzers

    Playing Against Patzers

    The origin of the word ‘Patzer’ in chess is uncertain. Patzer is the German word for ‘goof’ or ‘error, so this is one possibility. Others…

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Chess board, chess pieces and sets containing both of the aforementioned.  Themed chess sets, chess sets for kids, chess sets made from different materials….. there’s a lot of choice.

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Chess clocks, storage boxes, gifts and more.

  • Chess Storage Box

    3 Best Chess Storage Boxes For Chess Pieces

    People use all manner of storage for their chess boards and pieces. Bags, quivers, slings, and boxes all make regular appearances at tournaments and chess…

  • Chess set cases

    5 Best Chess Set Cases For Proper Storage

    A good set of chess pieces is good and well, but the cess set case that they come in is often overlooked. We want to…

  • Chess Clock

    7 Best Chess Clocks (With & Without Delay Functions)

    When it comes to playing chess, nothing offers a boost of intensity quite like having your game timed with a chess clock, and you need…

  • Metal Chess Pieces

    Best Metal Chess Pieces (Our Top Picks)

    If you want to level up your chess game, metal chess pieces might just be the thing for you.  With our detailed guide into the…

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Q&A with grandmasters, how to set up a chess board, information on chess openings… you’ll find all of that stuff in our knowledge base!