Square Off Chess Set Review (Our Favorite Features)

Square Off Chess Set review

Square Off has taken electronic chess one step further by introducing a set that combines advanced telerobotics and AI to create one of the most exciting chess sets we’ve ever seen.

Our interest in this set increased tenfold when researching the exciting features the board has to offer. Our Square Off chess set review will no doubt leave you just as intrigued.

We cover all the best aspects of this astonishing set, from online capabilities to some of the most unique ways to learn new gameplay strategies.

Grand Kingdom Square Off Electronic Chess Set (Our Review)

Square Off - Automated Chessboard - Grand Kingdom Set
  • Challenge the AI. Choose from 20 difficulty levels
  • Connect with friends or family over a game of chess, no matter how far away they are.
  • Challenge any player from a community 23 million+ chess players on chess.com
  • Classic wooden chessboard handcrafted out of rosewood
  • Analyse your chess games and improve your performance

Grand Kingdom Set

The Grand Kingdom Set may look like your run-of-the-mill traditional set, but looks can be deceiving. This set is more than meets the eye and merges forward-thinking telerobotics and Artificial Intelligence.

The pieces move across the board on their own to create a truly magical gaming experience by using a robotic arm hidden inside and the use of electromagnets. The board also uses adaptable AI to adjust the difficulty to match your skill level, making it a set that can be enjoyed by anyone, from children and adults to amateur players and even grandmasters.

You can choose from 20 different levels of difficulty if you’re looking for a challenge. The set is built with the Stockfish chess engine and uses the ELO rating system ranging from 800 to 3300 depending on the level you choose.

While it may seem more advanced than what you’re used to, Square Off maintains the elegance of a classic board. It has a built-in charging port and one button to turn it on or off, with the rest of the set controlled through the iOS or Android app.

One of the most exciting parts is being able to connect with players through the Square Off app and Chess.com. Finding an opponent is easy and there are short waiting times before starting a match. There are around 30 million players on the platform, so you’ll always find someone to play against.


Using the Square Off chess set is as straightforward as playing a match against a person. To play against the board, set up your chessmen and connect to your board via Bluetooth to choose your game settings.

And that’s it – you’re ready to play.

The game begins after the white player makes their opening move. To move your pieces, you push your chosen piece against the board. It will sound using a buzzer to let you know that it’s registered your move. Simply move your piece and press it against your chosen board square until you hear the buzzer sound again.

The second beep locks your move in, and the next move falls to the AI to complete. Illegal moves are represented by multiple beeps, meaning you have to redo your turn.

Once the game has ended, the board has a handy auto-reset feature that moves the pieces back into their starting positions. Before starting another match, you can work on your strategy and improve your skills by analyzing your game move-for-move via the Square Off app.

Online Features

It can get lonely and repetitive to play against a computer. Luckily, Square Off connects you with a community of players through their app and Chess.com, making it easy to find an opponent from anywhere in the world.

Online play matches you with players that meet your skill set and is a great way to improve your game.

Square Off also lets you live stream professional matches directly to your chessboard, with the chess pieces moving in real-time according to the players’ moves.

Square Off Board Features

The chessboard is as beautiful as it is exciting, with a luxurious rosewood finish. The board measures 23.74 x 19.05 inches with 1.5-inch squares.

Not only is the board elegant and high-quality, but the chess pieces are also handcrafted and highly detailed. The set comes with 32 standard chessmen and 2 extra queens for either side of the board.

There’s no storage in the board for your pieces, though, so you need to take extra care when storing your set.

Square Off boards come with a charger, adapter, mobile stand, and a manual to help get you set up and well-versed in how to operate your set.

The electronic chessboard can be played while unplugged and lasts for around 30 games before needing to be recharged, which takes around 3 hours.


  • Adaptive AI technology
  • Connect with opponents across the globe
  • High-quality finishes
  • Post-game analysis
  • Live stream professional matches


  • No in-board storage
  • Expensive
  • Requires smartphone connection to play


Square Off has brought the game of chess, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century with its smart chessboard and online integration.

With 20 difficulty levels, the set is truly one to be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels and offers endless ways to play your game of chess.

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