Best Metal Chess Pieces (Our Top Picks)

Metal Chess Pieces

If you want to level up your chess game, metal chess pieces might just be the thing for you. 

With our detailed guide into the world of metal chess pieces and sets, you’ll be the king of the castle in no time.

We’re here to help you find the best metal chess set to make your games feel a bit more special.

3 Best Metal Chess Pieces (Our Review)

Brass Art Deco Men (Chess House)

brass art deco men

These brass art deco pieces add a level of class to your chess sets. 

The unique shape and size of these pieces will certainly be an eye-catching addition to your collection. The pieces are slim and tall, making them look more elegant than the typical stocky Staunton pieces.

They look like they could be a fine fountain pen or French brooch.

Our favorite aspect about these pieces is their color variety. With both a bronze and pewter finish, these pieces are sure to last a long time and be free from tarnishing. 

For an average price of between $240 – $295, you’ll have to save for a few months to afford them, but they’re well worth the price.

Although these pieces are unusual and quite different from any other set of chess pieces we think that they will be a stunning collection to have when you want to add a bit of elegance to your game. 

If you tend to prefer a sleeker look, this is a need for you as it will add elegance and flair to your home.


  • Lightweight
  • Futuristic design


  • Queen doesn’t have any defining features
  • Packaging is a mess

Large Contemporary Staunton Solid Brass & Wood Chess Set (Chess Store)

Large Contemporary Staunton Solid Brass & Wood Chess Set

Ranging from $930 – $1200, the price of this stunning wood and metal chess set is perhaps cost-prohibitive for some. Still, it’s such a classic set of chessmen that we simply couldn’t resist putting it on here. 

Our favorite aspect of this chess set has to be the elegance of the pieces. The shiny brass features mixed with the classic wood elevates this set to the ultimate chess set that any experienced player should get. 

What really adds to the elegance of these chessmen is their height and shape. They’re tall and regal, and the combination of wood and brass adds to that sense of royalty. 

For an experienced player who’s interested in upgrading their chess set, this set will not only give you a luxurious look and feel, but also make your home the epitome of elegance. 

If you play with these items you are sure to see good results as they will make you feel super-powered.


  • King height: 3.9 inches
  • King base: 1.125 inches
  • Made in Italy
  • Blend of wood and metal for a classic feel


  • One of the most expensive sets of chessmen

Renaissance Theme Metal Chess Set (Chess Store)

Renaissance Theme Metal Chess Set by Italfama

If you’re looking for a sure winner that’s going to wow your opponent, this is the metal chess set for you. 

Averaging at about $720 – $930, this ornate and detailed Renaissance chess set will get your home looking like a palace. 

Our favorite quality about these pieces is their size and shape. With the King at 5.5 inches tall, these pieces are easily some of the most striking we’ve ever seen. 

The intricate detailing etched into each piece goes some way to explaining the hefty price tag. 

With the mix of brass and nickel combined with the overall height and stature, these pieces will give your board and home a regal feel.


  • Highly detailed
  • Tall, substantial pieces


  • Heavy pieces
  • Gold and brass can tarnish if not looked after


Whether you’re on the search to add a luxurious feel to your collection or simply wanting to upgrade your current set, we are sure you will find your perfect match on this list. 

While metal chess pieces are more expensive than their plastic and wooden counterparts, they add a type of flair and class to your room that you simply can’t ignore

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