6 Best Marble Chessboards & Sets (Our Top Picks)

marble chessboards

With their natural veins and swirling patterns, marble chessboards are highly sought-after pieces of art. The unique swirling patterns in the marble also ensure that each set is unique in its own, special way.

Marble chessboards are also known for their elegance and status as some of the most luxurious boards around and are best suited to use as decorative art pieces.

Some of the more durable chessboards can also be used for occasional, slow games of chess.

So if you’re looking for an opulent way to set your room decor apart, there’s no better way than with a marble chessboard.

Our list features hand-picked chessboards that will have your friends and family green with envy.

Top 6 Marble Chessboards & Sets (Our Review)

Chess House 18″ Marble Black And White Chess Set

Marble Black and White Chess Set

This elegant Chess House Marble board combines the traditional colors of a black and white checkered chessboard with the luxury of natural marble to create an eye-catching masterpiece.

The 18-inch board is felted on the bottom to protect whatever furniture you’re playing on. It’s almost an inch thick and made of solid stone, so you can expect it to be quite heavy.

The slim board is sleek in appearance, and although we would have preferred a thicker board, it has a good weight and is more than durable enough for the occasional game of chess.

Similar to the board, the pieces are felted on the bottom to avoid damage to the board. The felting also makes for quiet, enjoyable games of slow chess.

Altogether, the pieces weigh a whopping 5 pounds and 12 ounces together so you’re not going to be taking this board to the park with you any time soon. The 4.25-inch king takes responsibility for 4.4 ounces of the weight.

While this may be heavier than most other marble chessboards, we feel it speaks to the durability of the game pieces – after all, marble is a delicate stone and can break easily if any pieces are knocked off of the board.


  • Weighty
  • Felted set
  • Durable chessmen


  • Heavy pieces not suitable for all players

Regency Chess Alghero Onyx And Marble Chess Set

Alghero Onyx and Marble Chess Set

The Alghero chess set is beautifully crafted in Italy from natural onyx marble.

Onyx is known for its rich coloring and is even rarer to source than fine marble. This gives the chessboards an extra touch of opulence that makes it one of the best chess, and most expensive, sets to have on display and can tie any room together.

The board is 12 x 12 inches, making it a petite decorative piece that won’t take up too much room. It also has a thickness of 2.5 inches.

The thicker board has a solid visual impact and complements the color and swirling patterns of the onyx itself.

With the king standing at a standard 3 inches tall, the chessboard is sleek and has a less imposing look than some other marble chessboards on the market.

The king also weighs a respectable 1.7 ounces, making it feel substantial without being too heavy.


  • High quality
  • Thick, durable board
  • Good weight


  • Smaller board

RADICALn Handmade Marble White And Grey Oceanic Full Chess Game Set

RadiclN chess set

If you’re looking for a chess set that packs a punch, RADICALn’s White and Grey Oceanic chess set is just the thing. The chessboard is made from high-quality marble onyx and comes in either a 12 or 15-inch set.

This luxury piece is entirely handmade and hand-polished and comes with a letter of authenticity. So not only is your set an elegant display item, you get the guarantee that it’s a one-of-a-kind piece.

Both the chessboard and pieces are felted, although the felting for the chessmen come in a packet and will need to be attached before setting your board up. This is a nice little detail, as sometimes felted pieces can peel off during shipping.

We love the fine detailing in each and every board, although the detailing in the pieces leaves something to be desired.

While the pieces are distinguishable, the detailing is less intricate than we would have hoped to find in a set of this caliber.


  • High quality
  • Handmade
  • Good for display purposes
  • Felted set


  • Poor definition in chess pieces

Chess House 16″ Marble Chess Set American Design In Coral And Black

Marble Chess Set American Design in Coral & Black

Natural marble chessmen are often handmade, which adds to the beauty of these luxury sets.

The trouble with hand-carved game pieces is that some of the definition and detailing get lost.

This Coral and Black set is the exception to the rule, with the pieces carved into Staunton-style chessmen. This makes the pieces more recognizable and sets these chess pieces apart from most others.

While the pieces are easily discernable, they are not felted on the bottom. This shouldn’t be a problem for any collector wanting to use the set for decorative purposes, but it can be an issue if you’re planning on using the set for a game of chess.

The chessboard displays a beautiful pattern of checkered coral and black marble and gives it something extra in terms of visual appeal.

Overall, the chessboard has a good weight, with the 3 ⅜-inch king weighing 2.7 ounces alone.

The durability of the set makes it more functional, although we wouldn’t recommend using it for a game of blitz or anything too enthusiastic and energetic.


  • Good weight
  • Durable
  • More recognizable pieces


  • No felt on pieces

Battling Blades Marble Chess Set – Black And White Coral With Chess Pieces

Marble Chess Set- Black and White Coral with Chess Pieces- White Coral Border

Another one of our favorites, the Battling Blades Marble chess set also comes with traditional Staunton-style pieces.

The pieces are hand-carved and have billiard felting for quiet play and to prevent any chips or scratches to the board.

The 12-inch set has a beautiful white coral border that gives it an air of extravagance and – similar to the beautiful pieces – is felted on the bottom to protect your playing surface.

The king stands at a standard 3 inches tall.

Battling Blades ships the chessboard in a velvet box with individual storage space for each piece, and the regal blue lining can be used as a display piece to enhance the beauty of the game pieces.

Alternatively, you can keep the pieces in their positions on the board if you prefer having your entire setup on display.


  • Staunton chessmen
  • Hand-carved pieces
  • Velvet storage box included


  • Smaller board

Chess House 13″ Onyx Chess Set – Pink And Swirled White

Onyx Chess Set - Pink and Swirled White

This fantastic Chess House marble chessboard adds a touch of understated color to your decor, with a stunning pattern of swirled pink and white marbling.

The chessboard is ⅝ inches thick, making it slightly slimmer than some of the other boards used as display pieces. This makes it lighter and easier to move, but you should take extra care that you don’t snap or chip the delicate board.

The set is a perfect pick for collectors that want a more sleek, petite set, as some marble chessboards can be quite thick and heavy.

Each of the polished pieces are made in Mexico and feel raw and natural to the touch. While this is an amazing feature to have in a marble chessboard, it limits the functionality of the set as the pieces aren’t peasant to hold.

This is especially true when coupled with the fact that neither the board nor the chess pieces are felted, so it will pick up scratches easily.

The hand-carved king has a height of 2 ⅞ inches.

All in all, the Pink and Swirled White chessboard is an ideal choice for anyone wanting a display-only chessboard.


  • Display piece
  • Unique colors
  • Sleek


  • Not felted
  • Not ideal for play


Marble chessboards are the perfect way to show off your love of chess. These boards effortlessly draw the attention of admirers because of their natural luxurious beauty and unique patterns.

The stunning chessboards can also make for a thoughtful and awe-inspiring gift, ideal for anyone with an eye for decor or a love of chess.

Whatever the occasion or need, our list has a marble chessboard to suit almost anyone.

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