5 Best Leather Chessboards Reviewed

leather chessboards

We’ve got the best line-up of leather chessboards for you. They’re soft, durable, and if properly looked after, they last a long time.

Depending on how the manufacturers choose to employ it, leather can become either a medieval wonder or it can be a fashionable addition to your home or office.

5 Leather Chessboards & Sets (Our Review)

Stonkraft Roll-Up Leather Chess 

This roll-up chess set is made entirely of genuine leather. Instead of plastic disks with printed chessmen, this set has chess pieces carved from wood.

It has a zippered pouch to store your chessmen. The set comes with a leather carry pouch that you can roll up in for convenience. Being close to tournament-sized as well as being able to go along with you to your favorite spots will make a chess enthusiast of even novice players.

It features a modern, fashionable charm that makes it great to look at. If you’re playing on an uneven surface, the board tends to buckle and your game will be disrupted. 

The set measures 19 x 15 inches when rolled out, with a  12 x 12-inch checkerboard. Each square is sewn in instead of printed.


  • Portable
  • Fashionable design
  • Built-in zippered bag
  • Comes with an innovative carry pouch


  • Not playable on uneven surfaces

Diaxi Foldable Chessboard

Diaxi Foldable ChessBoard

This foldable leather chessboard looks like a leather-bound menu at a fancy restaurant

The leather board has a reflective, aluminum panel frame with a red outline. The corners of the chessboard and section around the stainless steel hinges are made of brass which creates an interesting mix of color. The brass-lined corners protect the edges from creasing over time.

The leather board has special diaxi hinges, which allow it to fold perpendicularly. The hinge swivels so it doesn’t protrude.

The board is not made from genuine leather, but rather a high-quality material that looks real. Since it’s not real leather, it’s free from the ethical considerations of leatherbound chessboards but still shares its beauty.


  • Vegan
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Uses diaxi hinges


  • Chess pieces not included

Premium Leather Chessboard and Storage Quiver

Premium Leather Chess Board and Storage Quiver

This premium leather chessboard and storage quiver is the work of the House of Staunton. It’s one of the more colorful boards on our list which makes it a good option for children and the young at heart.

The leather chessboard is large, with each sewn square measuring 2.25 inches. Along with the board, you get a storage quiver for transport, and they added 2 cloth bags to store chess pieces.

The quiver has a checkerboard pattern with squares that match the color of the board. The patterned squares make the quiver look great, so you can travel with it in style.


  • Has 2 cloth bags to store chess pieces
  • Comes with a storage quiver
  • Tournament sized
  • Portable


  • Needs a steady surface

Leatherette Cabinet Chess Storage Board

Leatherette Cabinet Chess Storage Board

The Chess House Leatherette Storage Board is nice to look at, but its best attributes lie in the finer details.

There are intricate markings along the edge that gives it an aged look which, topped with the color of the squares, gives this board a medieval aura. Wood or metal chess pieces go great with these kinds of chessboards.

It doubles as a storage cabinet for your chess pieces, which can be found underneath the board. The storage unit can also be used to store captured pieces.

The materials used give it a warm, homey feel that makes the image of playing a game in the afternoon sun completely natural. The leatherette material used is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

The 14 x 14-inch board has an 11 x 11-inch play area., The square size is 1 ⅜ inch.


  • Vegan
  • Built-in storage unit
  • Beautiful detailing
  • Affordable for its quality


  • Chess pieces not included

Leather Chess Set With Magnetic Crafted Chess Pieces

12”x12” Folding Leather Chess Set with Magnetic Crafted Chess Pieces, Unique Vintage Leather Chess Set Gift Choice
  • Magnetic Chess set Size: 12"*12"*1" opened , 12"*6"*2"folded.
  • Leahter covered chess board ,uniqu design to mathching your special chess set gift choice for adults or kids.
  • Each chess piece is individually protected in formed compartments inside the chess board leather chess set.
  • Folding chess board is convenient to carry and keep it in place,and it's all covered with durable faux leather, no worries about any crathes on the furniture while playing chess game.
  • We promise offering 30-day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty backed insure you have the best experience while using our product.

The board measures 12 x 12 inches when laid open and 12 x 6 inches when folded. 

Light and compact, this foldable leather chess set is handy for traveling with. It folds into a box and has built-in foam storage for the chess pieces. The box has a leather clip on the side so it’s easy to handle while stored or traveling.

The chessboard is made with synthetic leather covering MDF (medium density fiberboard) wood. The chess pieces are hand-carved and light, not needing any added weight due to being magnetic.

Soft synthetic leather surrounds the board and creates padding that’s useful for preventing damage to furniture.

It has algebraic notation which, along with its damage-preventing properties, makes this a good chessboard for children. Just not too young:  these chess pieces are a choking hazard for children under 3 years old.


  • Built-in storage
  • Magnetic
  • Portable
  • Has algebraic notation


  • Magnets could be a bit stronger


Like with many other things, it’s all a matter of finding one that suits your style. Whether you’re someone who travels often and wants to play chess wherever you go, or if you’re someone who enjoys an afternoon game, you’re bound to find one that matches your style.

It’s all a question of knowing what to look for and knowing which brands to trust.

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