Electronic Chessboard Reviews (For Solo Play)

Electronic Chessboard Reviews

Chess is a great game to hone your strategic thinking skills, logic, and prediction, but it needs a second person to play with.

With an electronic chessboard, that problem is instantly solved. The world of chess becomes an accessible game for all, even if you are just playing by yourself.

There are loads of electronic chessboards on the market, but they can cost a pretty penny which makes picking the right one difficult. We compiled the best electronic chessboard reviews so you can find your perfect chessboard match.

Ranging from beginner plastic boards for kids to proper wooden more lavish boards for experienced players, we’re sure to find the perfect digital chessboard for you.

Top 6 Electronic Chessboards (Our Review)

DGT Centaur Computer (Best Overall)

DGT Centaur Chess Computer
  • e-Paper display
  • Sensor board 40x40 cm
  • Circular LED lights indicates the moves
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • Weighted chess pieces

General Overview

The DGT Centaur Computer is one of the most beautifully designed electronic chessboards out there.

With a clean black and white design, this electronic chessboard matches your level of experience with your first move and can play against any type of chess player. So whether you’re a total beginner, a club player, or an experienced veteran, this board is perfect for you.

The first feature of this electronic chessboard that caught our eye is its sensor board which follows your moves as you play, lighting up each square with an LED light. Although this may seem quite simple, it adds a nice flair to a solo game and just makes the board a bit more dynamic and fun.

One second favorite feature is the e-Paper display. e-Paper is normally used for electronic reading devices, ensuring that you can see the page in any light. This means you can use this board in direct sunlight or a shady corner inside and still make out the finer details of the device.

Lastly, the control board on the side means that you can see your previous moves, the timer chess clock, and other settings. This helps you to keep track of your game and take detailed notes if you’re trying to study your games to improve.


With weighted plastic chess pieces, this DGT smartboard allows you to play chess at any level without a human opponent but still get the experience that you need.

Unlike other electronic chessboards, the DGT doesn’t connect you with other players through the internet. While it’s a well-designed AI, more experienced players will eventually get used to the computer’s strategies which can make the games monotonous after a while.

Thanks to the helpful hint system as well as its ability to match to any skill level, this electronic chessboard requires no previous experience.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Comes with a padded bag
  • Compact design
  • Hint system to assist you
  • Single-player only
  • No interactive puzzles or goals

The Square Off Chess Set (Best AI)

square off chess set

General Overview

The Square Off Chess Set in the model “Grand Kingdom” is a classic rosewood-style board that has the added benefit of an advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Our favorite feature of the board has to be the AI feature. With over 20 different levels of difficulty, the AI feature is able to play with you, moving the wooden chess pieces across the magnetic board as if there’s a person on the other side.

This is a unique feature in digital chessboards as opposed to the regular LED lights that indicate where you have to move the pieces.

With the Bluetooth feature, you can connect the board to your phone and analyze your moves post-match, seeing where you went wrong and how you can improve your game. This will benefit you for future matches as you can watch how your moves impacted the game.

By connecting the device to your phone, you can play globally and against a range of different experience levels, improving your game with each match. You can match to online players across the world or set up a lobby to play against one of your friends.

The board and pieces that are made out of Rosewood are a nod to the classic chessboard, while the advanced artificial intelligence makes the board extremely modern, giving the Square Off Chess Set a perfect mix of old and new.


The mix of classic wooden features and traditional color makes this board one of the best-looking on our list. Combining that with artificial intelligence, you get a state-of-the-art board that balances tradition and modernity beautifully.

This is a beautiful electronic chessboard that is paired with the most innovative chess technology.

With the self-moving pieces, the ability to play globally, and the wood finish, this is a stunning mid-level board that we recommend for semi-experienced players.

  • Classic wood board and pieces
  • AI-assisted digital technology
  • Board automatically resets
  • Connects to online platform
  • Smartphone required top play
  • Expensive compared to the other boards

Top 1 Chess Electronic 8-in-1 Classical Chess Set (Best Budget)

Top 1 Electronic Chess Set

General Overview

This small electronic chessboard is perfect for total newbies and experienced players. The Top 1 Chess Set allows you to play checkers, chess, and six other games so you can stay entertained for hours.

One of the features that we really like is the magnetic board. Although most electronic chessboards have this function, it makes a big difference to this board because the pieces are so small and easily knocked over.

This makes it perfect for road trips or long-haul trips as the pieces won’t move around or fall off the board.

Coming in at around $100, this board is easily one of the cheapest on the market but definitely boasts the most features. With 8 different games that you can play for the price of 1 and the wide range of experience levels you can play at, this board is perfect for a wide range of people.

We recommend this board to families due to its flexibility and the range of games you can play on it.

All you need to play is 4 AA batteries.


With the many games and the voice-assisted tutorial function, this electronic chessboard is an absolute bargain with how cheap it is.

You can play with a friend or with the AI, making this board perfect for gaining experience or just having some fun.

Finally, if you don’t enjoy the board or find an issue with it, you have a 30-day guarantee to refund it.

  • Strong magnetic board
  • 8 different games including
  • Voice-assisted tutorials
  • Over 100 exercises for chess practice
  • Small pieces are a potential choking hazard
  • Computer sometimes unstable

iCore Electronic Travel Magnetic Talking Chessboard (Best For Kids)

General Overview

What we love about this board is its lightweight portability and technological functions. Owing to its low weight and small build, we recommend this board for children and young teens. It’s perfect to travel with and small enough for children to use.

Our favorite feature of this electronic chessboard is the teaching voice system. This feature alerts you to moves that your “opponent” can make whenever you move your pieces. This benefits you as you can plan your moves and improve your game as you start to wrap your head around the basic strategies of the game.

This board is battery-operated so you don’t need to worry about making sure it’s plugged into a wall.

Similar to the previous board, this one also allows you to play 8 games on a single device, so you’re getting more than you paid for. This is a bonus as it means you can use your board for more features, making it a social game.


This board is the perfect one for beginners and children thanks to its many features.

Both the 8-in-1 function and the voice assistance make this board extremely accessible and easy to use, as well as a great tool for gaining chess experience.

The clear LCD screen is adjustable and easy to read as well.

These features make it an excellent choice for children who are eager to dip their toes into the world of chess.

  • Battery operated
  • Easily adjustable settings
  • 100 pre-set chess exercises
  • 30 different levels
  • Batteries not included
  • Small LCD screen difficult to read

Millennium Chess Computer Genius Exclusive (Best Solo Board)

Add To Wishlist Share4 Millennium Chess Computer

General Overview

Even though electronic chessboards were designed with the solo player in mind, this particular board is absolutely perfect for a single player.

With a traditional wooden-looking board and weighted pieces, this board was made for chess players by chess players. The board was designed to give you the traditional chess experience with modern technology.

What we like about this board is its LED light feature. Once you’ve made your move, the opposite side flashes a red light indicating where you should move the next piece.

This helps the game flow smoothly and allows you to spend more time perfecting your plans.

One notable thing about this board is the separate digital module with the timer and the controls. With this module, you can slow down the game and adjust the controls.

The designers went a long way to future-proof the Millenium Chess Computer Genius Exclusive. The separate module is designed to be compatible with future electronic chessboards so you can keep your controls and just buy a new board.

Another feature that we love is the board’s ability to play against a rookie or a tournament player, allowing you to better your game with each and every match.


Although this digital board is expensive, it will last you a good many year’s thanks to its durable material and separate control module.

The weighted pieces along with the wooden board ensure a traditional playing experience with the added bonus of AI technology.

The board comes with power supplies and sockets, so you can keep it powered.

While it’s recharging you can also play a normal game of chess with an opponent in real life thanks to the traditional elements.

Overall, for an experienced player or even for someone with a bit more cash to spend on a nice board, this is a superb digital chessboard that you will keep forever

  • Separate module for settings and controls
  • Play solo or with a partner
  • Up to 2300 ELO rating
  • Chess trainer comes in 7 languages
  • Not made of real wood
  • Extremely expensive compared to the other boards

iCore Electronic Talking Chess Computer Set (Best For Beginners)

iCore Chess Computer Voice Chess Master Talking Chess Games Computer 8 in 1 LCD Display 100 Program Practice
  • Chess Tutor Function, Multiple skill levels for each game.
  • Teaching Voice System in Chess Mode
  • 100 pre-set Chess Exercises for Practive, Play against a friend or the computer
  • Sensory Chess Board and large LCD display
  • 8 Challenging Brain Games: Chess-Checkers-Reversi-Halma-4 in1 a row-Fox&Geese-Northcote's Game & Nim

General Overview

This is the second iCore digital chessboard we’ve mentioned. That’s because iCore is the best in the business for beginner boards.

This board, although similar in appearance to the Travel Magentic Set, has a few unique features that set it apart from its older sibling.

Our favorite feature is its ability to teach – it offers chess programs that you can choose on your display screen ranging from beginner to advanced techniques.

Playing strength varies with the teaching strategies as you progress further along and improve your game.

The voice is there to guide you through the 100 different tutorials that this board offers, helping you to become the best chess player you can be.

It’s a helpful way for you to learn and engage instead of combing through chess textbooks and tutorials, as you can listen and play at the same time. The best way to learn is to practice, and iCore has thoroughly incorporated that philosophy into this board.


Although this chessboard is quite cheap, it works well for a beginner.

Thanks to the talking voice feature and the tutorials, it will help guide you from a rookie all the way to a master with each game you play.

  • Budget-friendly
  • More than just chess
  • Small board good for travel
  • Simple black and whiteboard
  • The LED lights are sometimes glitchy
  • Occasionally freezes


Since the landmark game between Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue in 1996, electronic chessboards have become a staple in the chess world. What was once limited to a machine the size of a fridge can now be installed into a device that easily fits in our pocket, unlocking a world of portable, single-player chess.

Using the boards listed above, you can keep yourself entertained for hours. Hone your skills on of the boards aimed at teaching you to play, or connect with skilled competitors from across the globe.

Either way, you’re sure to get your money’s worth with these great products.

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