5 Best Chess Set Cases For Proper Storage

Chess set cases

A good set of chess pieces is good and well, but the cess set case that they come in is often overlooked.

We want to remedy this problem and show you our favorite cases that keep everything in its place.

5 Best Chess Set Cases (Our Review)

Dark Wood Chess Piece Storage Case (Regency Chess Company)

Dark Wood Chess Piece Storage Case - Regency

This is one of the most classic boxes for storing your chess sets. With its wenge color, laminated finish, and brass clasps, it’s a timeless box to add to your chess collection. 

While it looks plain, everything’s well put together. There’s little risk of laminate peeling which is a common problem with these kinds of cases.

The case is made in-house by Regency, shipping all the way from Greece across the globe. 

While the Regency Storage Case is one of our favorites, the way the slots inside or set up means it won’t work for any chess set with extra queens.


  • Affordable
  • Solid metal hinges and clasps
  • Clean design


  • Pieces roll around inside
  • No space for extra queens

Deluxe Two Drawer Walnut Chess Case (The Chess Store)

Deluxe Two Drawer Walnut Chess Case

The Chess Store Two Drawer Case is actually a chessboard in its own right, but it’s designed to incorporate a storage case in sliding drawers underneath.

Not only does this make setting up a game and playing much simpler, but it also saves you quite a bit of money in the process. 

The set averages around $180, which we admit aren’t the cheapest. However, for that price, you get a beautiful, high-quality chessboard and a storage case that’s sure to wow your friends. 

The detailed wood paneling and veneer finish add a silky gloss and velvety feel to the board. It’s easily one of the classiest things we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. 

One potential downside is that the storage drawers are shallow. This means that you won’t be able to pack away larger pieces, limiting your options somewhat. What’s more, the set doesn’t come with chess pieces included. For the money you’re paying, it would have been nice to include a set, even if it was only a cheap one.


  • Two-in-one chess set and board
  • Collapsible drawer storage
  • High-quality finish


  • Can only fit small pieces
  • Expensive
  • Pieces not included

16” Luxury Executive Walnut Burl Chess Set With Case (ChessUSA)

Luxury Executive Walnut Burl Chess Set with Case

The $220 price tag on this combination chess set and storage box gives us some inclination as to why it’s categorized as a “luxury executive” set. But, if you can afford it, it’s valuable to more than just the CEOs and high-rollers of the world.

The 16-inch box comes with fitted storage for each piece, and the board slots neatly on top so you can easily transport your favorite game wherever you go.

This exquisite chess set comes delivered in a 16-inch walnut wood case. It’s well crafted enough that it can serve as a centerpiece for your office or lounge, while still being understated enough to neatly disappear into the background if you want to keep it stored on a shelf.

Though, for our money, a shelf would be the absolute worst place to store these fine pieces. The honey rosewood and ebonized French Staunton pieces should be proudly displayed to get your full money’s worth.

The diminutive pieces are handcrafted, with each piece showing the quality and grain of the wood, so every set is unique in its own way.

What’s more, the beautiful two-toned chessboard is the perfect complement to the pieces, showcasing more detailed craftsmanship.

For a couple of dollars more, you can even get this set gift-wrapped, shipping it directly to your chess-crazy family and friends. It’s the perfect Christmas or birthday gift, if you’re willing to fork out a little extra for it.


  • Fitted storage for each piece
  • Pieces show wood grain
  • Neat, unassuming storage box


  • Expensive
  • Pieces not felted

Storage Bag for 20” Chessboard (Chess House)

Storage Bag for 20" Chess Board

So you’re looking for a chess set case but you’re not into all that frillerly? Do you want something that’s more function over form? If you’re the kind of person that came up playing rough-and-tumble street chess, the kind of chess your mother warned you about – the kinds of games where your opponent is likely to throw sand in your eyes – we know just what you need.

The 20-inch storage bag from Chess House is meant for the veteran chess players who spend more of their time actually playing chess than looking at how pretty their board is. Chess House has a series of similar bags for chessboards of all sizes, but we went with the 20-inch option since it’ll be more than enough for most boards.

It’s more than just a bag for your board, of course. There’s more than enough space to neatly fit all your pieces, notebooks, and pens, as well as any extra equipment you feel is crucial to your game.

Each compartment is padded, so you know your pieces and board will be safe.

Bear in mind that this is only the bag, so you’ll have to provide your own set. But we’re sure that if you’re the kind of person who sees this bag as the perfect solution for your needs, you’re sure to have more than a few spares lying around.

For a little over $60, you can get this storage bag in less than two weeks thanks to Chess House’s super-fast and reliable shipping.


  • Durable canvas bag
  • Ample storage and pockets
  • Padded sections


  • Chess set not included
  • Function over form

Large Acacia Chessboard and Case Combined (ChessBaron)

Large Acacia Chess Board and Case Combined

Our last entry in this roundup deserves a mention for its clever design alone, though that’s not to say that it’s only good to look at.

The large acacia chess case contains two green felted compartments that are more than large enough to fit all your standard-sized pieces, even with an extra queen or two. The case itself folds out to make the chessboard, as opposed to having storage for the board in a separate compartment.

This ingenious piece of design not only saves on weight, but it means that there are fewer pieces to go missing as you move your games across the country. What’s more, it means that there are fewer materials used which translates to saving you money.

The case is made entirely out of wood, which gives it a strong, sturdy feel that’s not going to come apart any time soon.

Where other chess storage boxes can easily cost you North of $200, you can get your hands on the Large Acacia Chessboard and Case for under $100. You’ll have to provide your own pieces, but ChessBaron has plenty of affordable sets to choose from to add to your order.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Combination storage case and board


  • No varnish or polish used
  • Chess pieces sold separately

Wrapping Up

These are easily the best units to store your chess sets that you can find today.

Another great feature is that both of these storage cases are available through international shipping, so you’ll be able to get your hands on them no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you want a quick and inexpensive case like the Dark Wood Case by Regency, or you’re willing to spend a bit more to get the Deluxe Two-door, you’re sure to be happy with your purchase after one of these gets dropped off at your door.

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