Best Themed Chess Sets (Top 5 Picks)

best themed chess sets

A themed chess set is a great gift, no matter whether the chess enthusiast in your life is a grandmaster player or a novice move-maker.

Our list of the best themed chess sets has something for everyone. From classical Greek-inspired wonders to Marvel heroes and even Mario Brothers-themed chess sets.

These unique chess sets will make for great talking points, some will be grand family heirlooms, and others may even inspire the younger folks to try their hand at our favorite strategy game.

Top 5 Themed Chess Sets (Our Review)

USAOPOLY’s Marvel Heroes Chess Set

USA-OPOLY | Marvel Collector's Chess Set | Board Game | 2 Players | Ages 8+ | 60+ Minute Playing Time
  • The classic game of chess exchanges kings and queens for superheroes
  • it’s S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. Hydra in this collectible version featuring Marvel heroes and villains in an epic duel.
  • Proudly standing as full color, hand-painted chess pieces are fan favorite characters from the Marvel Comics Universe
  • English Version | 2 Players | Ages 8+ | 60+ Minute Playing Time
  • This Marvel Collector’s Chess Set is brilliant for chess fans and Marvel fans alike. Order yours now to take the battle between good and evil to the chess board

There’s no doubt that Marvel has made an enormous impact on our culture. From endless ranges of games and even clothing lines, you can now gift the chess-geek in your life with a Marvel-themed chess set.

This chessboard has the evil Hydra battle against S.H.I.E.L.D agents in a fierce battle of wits. We find exquisitely hand-painted pieces of our favorite Marvel characters, such as Iron Man and Captain Marvel opposing villains like Thanos and Hella.

Pawns are replaced by either Hydra or S.H.I.E.L.D agents, depending on which side you take. Some notable pieces include Red Skull and

Kingpin as knights on the side of villainy, while Hulk and Thor protect the righteous side of justice as Rooks.

Marvel fans can also look forward to obliterating their opponents with themed chess pieces like Ultron, Loki, Venom, and Killmonger. In contrast, those with a benign disposition can defend peace and justice with favorites like Black Widow, Spider-Man, and Black Panther.

Though this set comes with smaller pieces than average, they’re still easy to handle and move across the board.


  • Fun and lighthearted
  • Vivid, painted figurines
  • Perfect addition to a hero-themed games room


  • Small pieces

The Crusades Chess Set

crusades chess set

If you’re more interested in history, take a look at the popular Crusades chess sets. Recreate bloody battles of centuries past with the castles, knights, and kings that adorn this exquisitely detailed chess chest.

Players of all ages will fall in love with the detailed resin characters in this chess set. Figurines are lovingly painted and come in two prominent color schemes. We have the standard white crusaders on one side of the board, facing off against fiery red-clad crusaders on the opposing team.

This medieval-themed chess set looks intimidating and stays true to its traditional chess roots with some creative flair.

A thick maple wood chessboard completes this set, tying the medieval feel together in a solid package. This set is an excellent addition to any household and good-looking enough to use as a display set or conversation starter.


  • Highly detailed chess pieces.
  • Colorful characters
  • Suitable as a centerpiece


  • No storage case.

The 3D Roman Gladiators Chess Set

3d gladiator set

If you’re looking for a centerpiece exhibit or an heirloom set that you can pass onto the next generation, look no further than the impressive 3D Roman Gladiators chess set.

While this set is the most expensive on our list of themed chess sets, there’s a good reason for its price. This monster chessboard comes with a unique collection of 32 pieces made from steel, bronze, and silver plating.

The superb workmanship of the chess pieces will handle the roughest everyday use and conditions that players can subject to them.

The game board itself is elevated above a detailed Roman arena and is made of tempered glass. This design makes it a dramatic life-or-death battleground for your next chess game.

As for the chessmen, each is a detailed recreation of Roman soldiers and gladiators complete with ready-to-pounce lions as your Rooks. This set is a must-have for any die-hard chess fans and masters alike.

If you’re into the Roman-themed sets, check out our Roman-themed chess set review.


  • Giant, solid chessboard
  • 3D sculpted chessboard and terrain
  • Good-sized chess pieces


  • Heavier than most chessboards
  • Pricey

The Super Mario Brothers Chess Set

USAopoly Super Mario Chess Game
  • Familiar chess game plays with new Super Mario-themed chess pieces
  • Mario's Heroes vs Bowser's Troop
  • Great item for Nintendo fans and in particular fans of Super Mario
  • Ages 7+
  • 2 players

Not every chess player wants a serious-looking chess game. That’s why we included this popular Super Mario Bros chess set in our list of nifty themed chess sets. It’s the perfect addition to any gaming room, and the young-at-heart will love to play chess with it.

Play with Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and his son on a colorful chessboard. Each chess piece has a dynamic, action-oriented pose, which we don’t usually see.

We think that the dynamic action poses suit this set well, as it brings some tongue-in-cheek silliness to what’s often described as an overly serious hobby.

These chess sets are great for children and adults alike. The Super Mario Bros chess is a collector’s item for any Nintendo fan.

This board comes with a collector’s tin to store the pieces. We would have loved to see a more durable and quality storage box, though, as we imagine the paint on our new chess pieces will get damaged quickly.


  • Colorful, fun chess pieces
  • Dynamically posed figurines
  • Good detail


  • Cheap collector’s tin
  • Smaller than average board

Chess House 14” Greek Mythology Chess Set

chess house greek mythology

There’s no doubt today that classical Greek mythology still inspires us. History buffs will love this next entry in our list. The Chess House Greek Mythology set is based on Greek mythology and features some familiar characters such as Poseidon and Athena.

This chessboard is based on the creation myth of Athens. While it’s based on mythology, the pieces draw inspiration from selected artworks by Greek masters such as Pheidias

True to classical era sculptures, each piece is based on a popular Greek sculpture. The famous Poseidon of Melos is our king, while the queen is based on the artistic Athena Promachos.

Even the lowly pawn has some prestige added in the shape of a bronze statue of a fully armed greek warrior.

The figurines last a long time as they’re manufactured from a durable zinc alloy. This quality makes this set a true family heirloom. An exquisite laminated wood case will come in handy to store your pieces.

The board is made from brass, and though it’s only 14” it weighs an astounding 10.5 pounds. Hellenic pillars add a nice detail that raises the board from the base.

We were pleased with the overall quality. The detail is truly exquisite and we can only imagine this set as a perfect addition to any library or study.


  • Historically inspired chess pieces
  • Durable alloy pieces
  • Fantastic centerpiece


  • Pricey


Chess is a game that’s been around for thousands of years. Kings, queens, nobles, and paupers played this game because it’s easy to pick up and learn while offering players in-depth strategy and complex tactics.

Luckily, the game of chess is customizable enough so that we can have fun with our favorite fandoms and time periods.

With so many different types of chess players, we decided to include a wide variety that would appeal to different kinds of people in our list of best-themed chess sets.

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