5 Best Plastic Chess Sets Reviewed

best plastic chess set

The best plastic chess set is the one that suits your liking. Whether you need a set for home use or tournament play, a set made of high-quality plastic pieces is a good choice for most.

Plastic chess sets are usually inexpensive, but there are a few sets that cost more due to things like build quality, what’s included in the offer, the size, and so on.

Below is our list of plastic sets which we thought were the best, it’s sure to help you narrow down your search for a good set.

5 Quality Plastic Chess Sets (Our Review)

House of Staunton Deluxe Chess Set Combination

HOS Plastic Chess set

House of Staunton is a widely known retailer of the classic Staunton-style chessmen. They usually offer decent prices and high quality.

There are 34 chess pieces in the set which means two extra queens for promotion. The pieces are made from solid plastic which makes them durable and adds a nice weight to them.

The measurement of the king height is 3.75 inches with a base of 1.5 inches. All the plastic chess pieces come in the traditional Staunton design, of course.

The board is made of vinyl and has rank and file labels on all sides of the board. The vinyl is high-grade and resistant to tearing, spills, and dirt, so you’ll have it for a long time. The squares measure 2.25 inches and the board can be rolled up tightly for travel.

This set comes with a deluxe bag to carry the board and pieces. It’s 24 inches wide and 9 inches tall and is designed to carry additional equipment like your clock, scorebook, and pencils. Two zippered compartments hold the chessmen while loops on the inside hold the chessboard.

What’s more, you have the choice of picking a color for the bag, which adds a touch of personalization to the mix.

Although $30 might be too steep for a plastic set, it’s a fair price for everything that’s included. Plus, the chessboard and pieces are tournament-ready, and you have a bag to carry everything with you.


  • Staunton design
  • Carry bag
  • High-quality pieces
  • High-grade vinyl
  • Personalization available


  • Expensive
  • Scorebook, pencils, and clock not included

World Chess Official Academy Chess Set

World Chess - Chess Set - FIDE Official Chess Set Plastic Staunton Pieces
  • An Official World Chess Academy set produced in quality plastic in exactly the same design as the famous official World Chess Championship set that is used in the World Chess Championship matches and Grand Prix!
  • This is the perfect chess set design for beginners and learning. It is used in chess academies all over the world, and the pieces are weighted at 550 gr, there is no spare queen.
  • The set comes with a high-quality cardboard chessboard, square size is 48mm
  • The pieces are made from a high-quality plastic injected into a bespoke hand-polished mold. The King height is 86mm, best for club and tournament play and learning at home. The set comes with a high-quality cardboard chessboard, square size is 48mm.
  • This FIDE official chess set is designed by Daniel Weil of Pentagram.

Out of all the sets we reviewed, World Chess is the company that has the most contemporary look to their plastic chess set. Their set includes the chessboard and chess pieces, designed by the internationally renowned architect Daniel Weil.

The high-quality plastic is injected into a custom-made mold designed according to the designer set. The combined weight of all the pieces is a little more than a pound. The set doesn’t have any extra queens, which is a bit of a drawback considering the price.

TheWorld Chess king height is 3.4 inches. This means that it doesn’t meet the minimum requirement of 3.75 inches to be used for tournaments. This set is exclusively for personal use.

The board’s squares are 1.9 inches which also disqualifies it from tournament use. The board is made from high-quality cardboard. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it’s not high quality enough to compete with materials like vinyl and silicone.

For $30 or so, it’s obvious that you’re buying this set for more than merely for the designer’s name. But, it’s still cool to mention to your friends when they come over to play some chess.


  • Based on Daniel Weil designs
  • Modern style
  • Lightweight
  • High quality


  • Cardboard chessboard

American Chess Equipment We Games Compact Tournament Chess Set

This plastic chess set features a silicone chessboard, plastic chess pieces, and a zipper pouch. What’s different here is the board itself.

We have vinyl boards included in the list, but the silicone ones have certain advantages that set them apart. For one, a silicone board has a rubbery texture to it, which means you can fold it. Sure, you can fold up vinyl boards, too, but it leaves nasty crease lines which makes your pieces uneven. Silicone boards remain unaffected and won’t show any permanent creases.

The squares on the board measure 2.25 inches while the board size is around 20 inches square. It has a thin base which makes folding it much easier.

The chess pieces are 90% filled plastic and collectively weigh around a pound or so. They are designed in the standard Staunton style which makes them a good pick if you’re looking for a tournament-ready set.

The king height measures 3.75 inches, while the base is 1.5 inches. There are two extra queens included with the set for pawn promotion.

What brings it all together is a small zipped pouch. By folding the silicone board and throwing all the pieces in, it comfortably stores them for you.

For only $25, this is one of the most cost-effective sets on our list. The silicone board is a bonus.


  • Standard quality plastic
  • Silicone board
  • Zipped pouch
  • Two extra queens


  • Not the cheapest offer

The Chess Store Standard Club Easy-Carry Plastic Chess Set

Standard Club Easy-Carry Plastic Chess Set

A chess set that’s well suited for moving around should come with a carry bag. The Standard Club Easy-Carry Chess Set from The Chess Store is that kind of set.

The bag is made from a heavy canvas so it’s plenty durable. It can be zipped up to carry the chessmen and features a sleeve that holds the rolled-up vinyl chessboard.

It’s a good fit if you’re the kind of player that finds themselves on the go a lot of the time. It’s also convenient for tournaments or your local club.

The chess set features Staunton chess pieces, all made of plastic and finished off with a glossy effect which adds an appealing contrast with the buff finish of the board.

There are 34 chess pieces in the set, including 2 extra queens for pawn promotion.

The chess pieces are unweighted, giving them a light feel in your hand. Less weight means they can be knocked over more easily and makes playing chess outdoors on a windy day a no-go.

It’s a good offer for around $20. Although, we would have liked to see that the chessmen have a bit more weight to them.

This reduction in weight makes the pieces feel cheaper compared to others.

The carry-bag is a bonus, though, and we feel that as a positive it out-weighs the chessmen – literally and figuratively.


  • Ideal for travel
  • Includes extra chess pieces
  • Easy carrying bag
  • Staunton chess pieces


  • Non-weighted pieces

Chess House Quality Regulation Chess Set

Quality Regulation Chess Set

This chess set is made of solid plastic pieces and a vinyl roll-up chessboard. The chess pieces have a combined weight of around 1 pound. This means that each piece has a good weight to make it practical enough to play with.

The vinyl board is reasonably durable and made for withstanding regular, enthusiastic play. Its roll-up design makes it easily fit inside your suitcase or backpack.

The Quality Regulation chess set from Chess House meets the typical regulation standards, as hinted in its name. The board measures 20 by 20 inches and the square size is 2.25 inches. It includes notations along the sides of the board so that players can easily make notes of the moves made during the game.

There are 32 total chess pieces. Extra queens are not included. It would have been nice to have those extra pieces for pawn promotion. The pieces are designed according to the standard Staunton pattern.

It’s a decent product for the price of $20 but it doesn’t necessarily stand out from the rest. It offers the standard chessboard and chess pieces at a fair price but that’s it.


  • Highly durable chessmen
  • Standard regulation
  • Typical to see at tournaments
  • Durable chessboard


  • No additional queens


We’ve seen that there are a few great options available for plastic chess sets, each with its own niche or advantage.

There are budget-friendly options that provide you with the bare necessities and there are pricey options, too, that include specific designs or extra equipment like a carry bag.

In the end, the choice is yours. For our money, these are some of the best and they’re certainly worth a look.

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