4 Best Isle Of Lewis Chess Sets (Our Top Picks)

best Isle Of Lewis Chess Set

Discovered in 1831 off the West Coast of Scotland, the original Isle of Lewis chessmen are some of the most well-preserved medieval chess pieces found to date. Their fascinating appearance and enigmatic history have got people clamoring to get the best Isle of Lewis chess set for themselves.

These chess game pieces originated in Norway, and date as far back as the late 12th to early 13th century. Of the 93 Lewis chessmen found, there are 11 housed at the National Museum of Scotland. The remaining 82 have a permanent exhibit at the British Museum in London.

Originally made of walrus ivory and sperm whale teeth, the Lewis chessmen stood between 2.4 and 4 inches tall.

So if you want to own a piece of history (or at least a replica of it), check out our review to find the themed chess sets for you.

Top 4 Isle Of Lewis Chess Sets (Our Review)

Mahogany Large Isle of Lewis Chess Set by Regency Chess (Best Overall)

This stunning chess set is sold by Regency Chess and contains a full set of official National Museum Scotland Lewis chessmen, as well as a mahogany and maple board.

Each piece is handmade in the UK for the National Museum of Scotland and is a replicated version of the original Lewis chessmen artifacts formed by 3D laser scans. This ensures that every set is just as detailed and beautiful as the original pieces.

The full 32 piece chess set is made up of polyresin with a mimicked ivory finish and felted bottom. The pieces have a solid feel and good weight without being too heavy.

The king piece stands at a standard height of around 3.5-inches tall.

This European-made board is derived from sustainable woods and is just over 21-inches, making it larger than the usual chessboard. While it may make for easier play, the board’s size can also make it more difficult to store.

Made of maple and mahogany, the board not only looks attractive but it’s coated with a light lacquer to offer better board protection.


  • Official National Museum of Scotland chessmen
  • Felted pieces


  • Expensive

The Isle of Lewis Chess Set with Presentation Chess Box by Chess House (Best Magnetic Travel Set)

chess house isle of lewis

These Lewis Chess pieces are part of the Studio Ann Carlton series, making them a desired collector’s item among chess enthusiasts and decorators.

The polyresin game pieces are made with the look and feel of the original Lewis stone chessmen but have the durability of plastic.

All of the chess pieces are weighted and use the authentic color palette of the Lewis artifacts.

The Chess House Isle of Lewis chess set includes a rosewood and maple board that is specially designed by Studio Ann for their Lewis replica pieces.

The chessboard is foldable for easy storage and has a 19-inch dimension with a 2-inch square size.

The presentation box has a velvety interior, with storage space for the games pieces as well as a cutout to securely store the wooden chessboard when folded.


  • Durable
  • Weighted pieces
  • Presentation box included
  • Collector’s item


  • Pieces not felted

The Isle of Lewis Chess Set by The House of Staunton (Best Design Portable Set)

house of staunton isle of lewis chess set

Any chess enthusiast knows that the House of Staunton is one of the most respected chess manufacturers.

The standard 32-piece set is made up of some of the most accurate replicas of the original chessmen and is made of durable metal to ensure the longevity of the set.

The antique finish on these chessmen gives them a more luxurious and high-end look and makes a stunning decorative piece or collector’s item.

The king height stands at 3.5 inches the king size is 1.75 inches across the base.

The House of Staunton Isle of Lewis chess set doesn’t include a board, but one can easily be added to your order to make up a full chess set.

House of Staunton gives you the option of adding either a tournament, standard, or one of their luxury (superior) boards.

The recommended size for the Lewis pieces is 2.25 inches per square on an 18-inch board.


  • Durable pieces
  • Accurate replica chessmen


  • Board sold separately
  • Chess pieces aren’t felted

The Isle of Lewis Teak Italian Walnut Prestige Chess Set by Official Staunton (Best Two-In-One Travel Set)


Created by the highly respected Official Staunton Chess Company, the Prestige chess set is one of the best chess sets around.

The chessmen and board are sold as a set, and allow you to own your own piece of chess history.

The Isle of Lewis Prestige chess set includes exact replications of the original Lewis chessmen, made from high-quality wood. These chess pieces capture all the historical aspects of the original find, displaying them proudly.

These stunning game pieces are expertly made and have a solid, weighted feel.

The large, wooden board is made from teak and walnut and handcrafted in Italy.

The striking contrast of the two kinds of wood makes for a visually appealing board that can be used for both casual play and decoration.


  • Accurate game piece reproductions
    Handcrafted Italian board
    Made from high-quality wood


  • Protective bag/case not included


Isle of Lewis chess sets are some of the most desired around. Collectors, chess enthusiasts, and history buffs alike can appreciate the appeal of enjoying some fascinating history through these incredible replicas.

Finding a good Isle of Lewis chess set can be tricky. However, our top picks include some of the Best Isle of Lewis chess sets and Lewis chess pieces being made today.

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