About Chessville

Chessville was originally launched in 2002…. LONG before the online chess boom! It has loads of original chess content, from interviews with GMs and tactics and downloads…… but then, perhaps with the advent of truly awesome online chess sites like Lichess.org, Chessable.com and Chess.com….. the site started looking really dated and it was allowed to expire. For a period of around 1 year, there was nothing on Chessville.com at all!

I thought that was a shame and that there was room for another chess site. I suppose I was swayed a little by the fact that I’m a chess addict and now I can read and write about chess whilst telling my wife that I’m “working”.

Obviously, this site cannot compete with the abovenamed sites, but it can fill a little niche. I like the interviews with GMs etc and I have tried to rebuild some of the old content. So Chessville.com is a hobby site and I try to make it cover costs by monetizing with affiliate links, almost exclusively through Amazon. What this means is that if you buy something from Amazon as a result of clicking on one of the links in my site, I will – at no additional cost to you – receive a small commission.

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